MSNBC News: What did Biden say about the Trump confidential documents?

Following the discovery of more sensitive papers at his own house in Wilmington, Delaware, President Biden is now subject to more uncomfortable questions. Although the staff of the previous President rejected early efforts to return the records and the magnitude of the Mar-A-Lago breach was somewhat higher, the situation resembles that of Donald Trump in certain ways.

However, others are speculating as to how Biden’s attitude today contrasts with his remarks when it was discovered that Trump had improperly handled confidential materials.

After the FBI discovered hundreds of secret papers at Mar-A-Lago in August, Biden gently made fun of Trump’s assertion that, as president, he could declassify materials with just the thought of them.

He said at the time, “I’m not going to comment since I don’t know the circumstances,” when asked about his predecessor. I’m not even curious. I’ll turn it over to the Justice Department.

In August, Biden remarked, “It depends on the scenario – for instance, I have a cabined-off section in my house that is entirely safe. “It depends on the paperwork and how safe everything is,” the speaker said.

What papers were discovered at Biden’s residence?

The White House said on Saturday that five more pages of secret information had been discovered at Biden’s Wilmington home. With the addition of this cache, eleven papers have now been discovered.

White House special counsel Richard Sauber said, “We have now publicly published detailed facts about the papers discovered, how they were located, and where they were found. The newly appointed Special Counsel will get assistance from the White House.

On Thursday, Sauber went to Biden’s house to collect the papers and deliver them to the Department of Justice as part of the continuing inquiry. However, Sauber said that when they were at the house, “five extra sheets with classified marks were found among the stuff with it.”

This emphasizes the primary distinction between the investigations against Biden and Trump.

The confidential records were found by Biden’s own staff, and they took action right once to inform the Justice Department of the error. Biden’s team is completely assisting with inquiries, and the records have been sent to the case’s investigators.

In sharp contrast, after learning that certain documents from Trump’s tenure in the White House were missing, the National Archives agency issued several requests for Trump’s administration to voluntarily provide the records.

The return of these records was then demanded by subpoena from federal authorities. When these demands went unanswered, the FBI carried out a search at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and discovered 15 boxes with around 300 individual papers in sensitive information. News collected from MSNBC live stream. Watch live 24/7 free streaming news from this webpage.