What to Consider When You are Planning to Buy Flats in Mogappair?

Are you planning to purchase a home in mogappair? Mogappair is a prominent location in Chennai, India has gained more popularity as a real estate investment destination because of its expanding infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and emerging social and commercial amenities. Before making such a significant investment, there are several crucial factors to consider. In this article, we will discuss the considerations you should keep in mind when planning to buy flats in mogappair west.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing an apartment in mogappair is the location. Mogappair East and Mogappair West are the two major areas. Mogappair East is a more established and developed area, with a combination of residential and commercial properties. This area has excellent connectivity to major roads and highways, including the Ambattur real estate road and the Chennai bypass road, making it commute to other parts of Chennai.

On the other hand, Mogappair West is a relatively newer area with many ongoing residential projects. While it may offer the infrastructure and amenities may be developing and connectivity may not be as robust as Mogappair East. Consider your lifestyle needs and preferences when choosing the location of your flat.


Good connectivity is essential for a comfortable living experience. When buying flats in Mogappair West, consider its connectivity to key areas such as schools, hospitals, workplaces, markets, and public transportation. Mogappair is well-connected to the rest of Chennai through various modes of transportation including buses, trains, and shared autos. Ensure that your flat is located in close proximity to bus stops, railway stations, and major roads for ease of commuting.

Infrastructure and Amenities:

Mogappair has seen significant infrastructural development in recent years, with many commercial and social amenities emerging in the area. When buying a flat in mogappair west, consider the availability of basic amenities such as water supply, electricity, and proper sewage and waste management. Always check for the availability of recreational amenities such as parks, fitness centers, community halls, and shopping complexes. Proper infrastructure and amenities contribute to a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

The Reputation of the Builder:

The reputation of the builder is crucial when buying a flat in mogappair west. Research and choose a reputed and reliable builder with a good track record of delivering quality projects on time. Also, check for their previous projects, previous client reviews, and credentials. Make sure that the builder has obtained all the necessary approvals and clearances from the local authorities for the project you are interested in.

Bottom Line:

Buying a flat in mogappair west requires careful consideration of several factors including location, connectivity, infrastructure, and builder reputation. It is important to thoroughly research and evaluate these factors to make an informed decision and ensure a successful and fulfilling investment in your dream home.

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