Factors to Consider When Boosting Your Email Signup Form

To be effective with email marketing, you must build your email subscriber list. A strong email signup form is essential for growing your subscriber base. The size of your email list is determined by how you create that little box.

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover how to increase your blog’s email subscribers by enhancing your email subscriber form. It’s really rather straightforward. All of the top email signup forms have three key characteristics.


The signup form is prominently displayed on the website. It’s impossible to overlook. That most likely implies it’s large, but it’s more than that. Here are a few tips for increasing the visibility of your email signup box.

  • Contrast in color

The hue contrasts with the surrounding colors, particularly the subscribe button.

  • Elements that are “sticky”

Because it is a “sticky” element, it remains visible no matter how far down the visitor scrolls. Take note of the sticky footer on this page.

  • Several sites

It’s scattered all over the place. On the main page of the blog. On every post, at the bottom. On the about page, in the footer, and so on.

The Notice

The email signup popup window (also known as a light box or a modal window) may be found everywhere. Of course, they are disliked by 0% of visitors. However, 100% of marketers claim to be successful at list growth. It’s a matter of opinion.


Make a commitment to the guest. Inform them of the benefits of subscribing. Unfortunately, most signup forms do not do this. The greatest newsletter signup forms convey two messages to the visitor:

  • The email newsletter’s subject
  • How often they will get your emails

Why would people subscribe if you don’t inform them these things? You must respond to the question, “What’s in it for me?” and inform them of the advantages of being on the list Continue reading to discover both excellent and terrible instances of this.


Proof, as in social proof, is the third P. To entice visitors to take action, provide proof that the blog is worth reading and the newsletter is worth signing up for.

There are two types of evidence you may use:

  • Total number of subscribers (quantitative)

You need at least 1000 subscribers for this to operate successfully, thus it’s ideal for established sites.

  • A fan’s recommendation (qualitative)

Because it is personal, a statement from a fan who adores you is impactful. It’s more than a testimonial if it comes from someone well-known to your audience; it’s an endorsement.

In the instances below, you’ll see subscription figures and qualitative confirmation, but here’s a wonderful example of an endorsement.

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