Why Personal Hygiene is Important for Elders

As you get older, the daily routine activities you do will become harder for various reasons. This sudden change in their daily life results in neglect of their home and affects their daily life. Professional caregiver helps in improving the healthy lifestyle of elderly people and they assist in staying active and taking care of their personal hygiene. Nowadays, most home care agencies follow home health care policy and procedure manuals in providing proper care and support for elderly people.

There are several issues that can come when you are not keeping up the proper personal hygiene. The following are some of the factors that will explain why personal hygiene is more important for elder people.

For Healthy Living:

The main reason why personal hygiene is important for elderly people is that it is a part of healthy living. Various physical issues from poor personal hygiene habits and also it can be a sign of depression. It is important to pay attention to your elderly people’s personal hygiene which can give you a sense of how they are feeling.

Good for Their Mental Health:

Personal hygiene requires some form of routine, which is not only preventing health issues but also good for their mental health. By doing proper personal hygiene, it will help in improving their physical health by not getting infections and also enhances the mental health of the elderly people.

Avoid Skin Issues:

When taking care of personal hygiene such as taking regular baths will help in preventing skin issues that tend to happen more often as their age. When you don’t give proper care for personal hygiene, they will get skin infections easily. It is essential to take bath twice a week for elderly people to prevent those issues. Moisturizing the skin is also an important thing to do if you want to avoid common skin problems for elderly people.

Foot Care:

In addition to skin problems, elderly people also experience several issues with their feet, and having poor personal hygiene can make the matters worse. For example, taking care of an ingrowing nail or shaving callus results in severe problems. To avoid this, doing some simple things like moisturizing the feet and soaking feet in foot care will help elderly people to get relief from foot pain.

Prevents Dental Problems:

Dental problems are not painful, and they can also be quite expensive. Caregivers are helpful in the oral hygiene of elderly people such as brushing their teeth, flossing, etc. When seniors have dentures, caregivers are assisting in cleaning their dentures after eating the food. If you are not giving proper dental care to elderly people, it leads to several heart problems.

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