What Damages Have Rats Made to Your Home

Rats are amazing creatures and they become unwanted guests in your house once they find the entry point into your house. This type of rodent is popular for its intelligence, and they are known as an agile pest. The reason for this is rats are having some excellent abilities like hike, jumping, and swimming.

Finding a rat in your home is a daunting task because these little creatures will act fast. When you have rats in your home, you can be able to hear suspicious noises like squeaking and screeching the walls from your roof or behind the walls which can be a sign of their presence. Hiring a professional pest removal company is an effective way to get rid of rats. Halton pest control uses smart and innovative approaches to eliminate Rats Burlington Ontario from your home or business.

Rats are filthy pests that can have the ability to transmit dangerous diseases to humans as well as cause more damage to your home, which results in putting your family in danger at any time. The following are some of the common damage caused by rats.

Chewing Electrical Wires:

Rats love to chew everything. When compared with other rodent types, rats have a set of teeth that continues to grow throughout their entire life. This is the only reason why these creatures always chew or gnaw on things in order to wear down their teeth or stop them from overgrown. This natural behavior of rats can be more dangerous when they start chewing on the electrical wiring of your home. If they chew your home electrical wires, there is a high possibility of having a short circuit. When the electrical cables are exposed, there will be a high chance of causing a fire.

Cause More Structural Damage:

Rat infestation in your home or business can be a real nuisance. They can cause costly structural damage to your property. The teeth of the rats are very strong, which means they are having the ability to cut materials like concrete, steel, aluminum, and wood into plastic materials like water pip to a plastic bucket in order to build their hideout. When you have that in your business, it can be a real threat to your stored products and causes more damage to your business.

Contaminate Your Foods:

When rats get into your food supply, they can start contaminating your food with their hair, feces, and urine. Eating contaminated food without knowing will lead to severe bacterial infections such as salmonella poising. Also, rats are more famous for transmitting the deadliest diseases such as leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, Weil’s disease, etc.


When you are having rats in your home, it can be more challenging to manage on your own in their elimination processes due to the dangers they pose. If you find any sign or damage in your home, you can contact Halton Pest Control to keep this infestation under control.

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