What are the Types of Clogs

If you want to look more fashionable and trendy, consider wearing clogs as your footwear. Clogs are wooden-soled shoes which is having a very distinct shape. This is one of the oldest shoe designs that are still in use. The first traditional clog-design shoe is made from a single, hollowed-out piece of wood. Modern-day clogs are made to be more comfortable for the wearer.

The most important factor to consider for getting a comfortable clog is knowing the shoe size. When you are purchasing dog clogs shoes from the Teezalo store, make sure to look for the manufacturer’s guide for measuring your shoe size before placing your order. If you are having a narrow or wide foot, you can go for a clog with an adjustable strap in order to get maximum comfort while walking.

Traditional style clogs are having an open back, which helps in allowing you to slip your foot inside its closed upper surrounding at the top of your toes and foot. The following are some of the different types of clogs available in the market and they offer a perfect blend of style and comfort to the wearer.

Clogs with Arch Support:

Clogs with arch support are the most popular footwear type. These clogs come with cushy supportive footbeds with built-in support that helps in keeping your feet properly aligned for a long day of wearing.

Clogs with Ventilation:

These types of clogs are light in weight and have enough holes for ventilation. They are perfect for providing enough air to flow into your clog during a sunny day outdoors and also allow an easy flow of water when you play in the water with your clogs on.

Molded Clogs:

Molded clogs are the perfect choice for medical professionals who want to spend long hours standing on their feet. These types of clogs are designed in a manner that you can easily slip your feet into and out of them.

Leather Clogs:

If you want a clog with enhanced comfort, you can consider choosing leather clogs. Leather clogs are available in natural shades, and it is suitable for pairing with a blazer and trousers.

Healed Clogs:

Women want to keep their feet stable by wearing the heeled clogs that come with a back strap and cushioned footbed. This type of clog helps you to stay on your feet for a longer period of time without making any discomfort.


Clogs are the most popular footwear type, which are available in a variety of designs and are made to be more comfortable for the wearer. From the above, you can get a clear understanding of the clog types and their importance.

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