How to Plan the Catering Menu Properly

A catering menu is an essential part of the catering business. It is the first thing that customers will ask for when they are looking for a catering service. Many caterers advise their customers to create a menu for catering. Catering menus are smaller for serving a large number of people in a fast and efficient manner.

In order to create a menu for catering, the following are some of the questions you have to ask yourself.

What is the Competition Offering?

By looking at the competition, you will be able to skip through plenty of work such as researching customers and seeing what kind of ingredients are easily available in your area. Also, you will be able to see where they range in pricing, and it gives you an idea that how much your customers are willing to pay in your region.

What Catering Type to Offer?

After researching the competition offers, it is important to think about what type of catering service is popular in your area. Concession catering, wedding catering, social event catering, buffet catering, and sit-down catering are some of the types of catering and select the services that will bring more benefits to your customers.

What Type of Event Your Customer is Hosting?

Choosing the right type of catering service to offer your customer is a daunting task. If your customer is hosting a wedding or corporate event, you need to call for weeding and corporate-style catering services. It is hard to figure out what kind of caterers are suitable for some events like family reunions or auctions. In this case, you will have to work with your client to see what type of event they are hosting and ask them the following.

Is your event formal or informal? – The reason for asking this question is certain styles of catering are suitable for formal events and other don’t. For example, social event catering is suitable for an outdoor event, but it doesn’t suit for a wedding.

How much time that guests have to eat? – If the event is only going to last for an hour, your guests will have only 30 minutes of time to enjoy their meal. In this type, a takeaway catering style is perfect. This type will make the guests easy to grab their food and enjoy it later so that they don’t feel rushed to finish it in a shorter period of time.

What Food Type to Include?

If you want to travel a long distance for a catering event, you need to stay away from chilled and frozen foods. If you already have restaurant experience, it will be easy to create a menu for catering that is more popular with your customers. If you are a sole caterer you need to follow two routes, either creating your own menu or creating a customized menu for your customers.


The costs of catering services include the food price, service, and any extra fees that can pop up. Depending on the catering service type you provide in your customer event, the way you price your menu items can slightly differ.

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