How Can You Display An Irish Family Crest In Your Home

How Can You Display An Irish Family Crest In Your Home

Irish family crests are a wonderful way to honor your ancestry and Irish culture. These coats of arms, often known as crests, have a long and fascinating history in Ireland. They were first used to identify knights and soldiers in combat before evolving into a representation of pride and identification for the family.

There are many options if you want to show off your Irish family crest in your house. Here are some pointers and suggestions to get you going.

Research Your Family Crest

Finding and identifying your family crest is the first step towards displaying it. You may locate your family crest using a variety of internet resources, such as genealogical websites and archives. If you’re having problems locating your family crest, you may want to consider getting help from a trained genealogist.

Once you have determined your family crest, spend some time researching its origins and significance. You can choose the ideal manner to exhibit your crest in your house by being aware of the meaning involved.

Choose a Display Method

Depending on your particular preferences and the interior design of your house, there are several methods to exhibit your family crest. Here are some concepts to think about:

  • Framed artwork: A traditional approach to display your family crest in your house is in a framed print. To make the crest stand out, select a plain black frame. Alternatively, choose an elaborate frame to go with your décor.
  • Embroidered items: If you like needlework, think about sewing your family crest into a wall hanging, table runner, or cushion. This is a special and intimate way to showcase your family crest in your house.
  • Home decor items: Additionally, a wide range of home décor products, including wall plaques, coasters, and mugs, are available with Irish family crests. These things are wonderful ways to use your family crest in regular life.
  • Jewelry: Consider wearing your family crest as a necklace or ring if you’re searching for a more unique way to show it. Wearing these objects might serve as a display of history and pride in one’s family.

Choose a Quality Provider

Make sure to choose a reputable source while exhibiting your family crest. There are numerous businesses that sell items with Irish family crests, but not all of them are the same.

Consider purchasing with Gifts Ireland if you want high-quality goods and fantastic customer service. This business sells a variety of jewelry, home décor, framed pictures, and embroidered goods using Irish family crests. They only work with the best materials, and all of their goods come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Incorporate Your Crest into Your Decor

Once you’ve settled on a display strategy and a reputable vendor, it’s time to include your family crest in your interior design. Here are some suggestions to get you going:

  • Put your framed artwork or embroidered item on display in a noticeable spot, such above the mantelpiece or in the foyer.
  • At family get-togethers and significant celebrations, use coasters or mugs with your family crest.
  • In your workplace or study, hang a wall plaque with your family crest.
  • As a daily reminder of your ancestry, wear a ring or pendant with your family crest.

You may make your house a special and intimate area that honors your family’s history and Irish ancestry by adding your family crest into the design.


Honoring your ancestry and family history in your house by displaying your Irish family crest is a wonderful idea. There are several ways to showcase your crest in your house, whether you go with a framed image, an embroidered item, or a piece of jewelry. You may create a special and intimate area that honors the identity and heritage of your family by selecting a reputable supplier and adding your crest into your design.

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