Which Type of Corals Like High Flow in Your Reef Tank

Corals are wonderful creatures that give the natural wilderness look to your home aquarium. There are about 6000 coral species available in the world and they all are having unique specialties and features. You can buy them at clickcorals. They are having several types of clams and corals for sale. The enormous diversity of the corals means that you can’t be able to choose the specific flow rate in your reef tank for each of those you choose.

The following are some of the types of corals that like the high flow rates in your reef tank.

Green Star Polyps:

Green star polyps are the most adaptable corals you can have in your reef tank. Because of its easy care and maintenance, this type of coral is more popular among beginners. This type of coral grows faster than other types of corals because you can place them in a relatively vacant part of your reef tank. This type of coral grows well in regular saltwater parameters, but you should avoid significant changes in the alkalinity or minerals.


Xenia is another soft coral that likes good water flow. It has a natural tendency to pulsate. In the oceans, this type of coral thrives in strong tidal conditions. If you are placing them in your tank, make sure they have high indirect flow but are not too close to the powerheads. This type of soft coral grows quickly inside your reef tank and results in giving glorious look to your aquarium.

Acropora Millepora:

This is a sturdy coral species that likes higher flower rates. Also, you need to provide the necessary lighting for this type of coral in order to grow them fast naturally. You should need a UV light setup to get the naturally glorious and colorful growth of this Acropora millepora. This coral has several natural colors from pink and purple to green, orange, and blue.

Acropora Lokani:

Acropora lokani is a hard coral that endures high flow effortlessly. This type of species is much less demanding and its slight temperature changes or lighting variations will not affect its growth. This coral is more adaptable than other types, but you need to acclimatize it slowly. This coral has a wide range of colors like natural hues such as brown, blue, and cream. Also, you can find pink, shades of purple, etc depending on their environment in the reef tank.


Zoanthids are also soft coral types and are commonly known as zoas. These are made of polyps and they can form an expansive colony for a shorter span. Zoas can survive higher water flows and can fit in the reef tank conveniently. High flow can flush out the detritus buildups and enables the zoas in order to develop amazing colors with enormous growth.

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