What Benefits May Drone Surveys Offer

Before a building project starts, an area is measured via the surveying procedure. Similar steps are used in drone or aerial surveys, which, as the name implies, gather data using an autonomous drone or UAV with a downward-facing camera.

Male engineer doing inspection using drone – Technology and industrial concept

In order to create thousands of precise data points, including georeferenced, elevation points, and colors, drone cameras shoot a series of high-definition photographs from various perspectives. This makes it possible for developers to make 3D models of a structure or location. Customers may see more than what a typical survey offers.

Using the maps produced by the drone data, precise volumetric and distance measurements may be taken. Data may seem more realistic when a drone is used in land surveying. When a new commercial project is in the works, the films and pictures captured from the drone are a valuable resource for clients and the general public.

1. Speed up while saving money

The majority of people prioritize being able to spend their finances effectively. The best thing about drone technology is that you probably already have the funds. Drone mapping may easily fit into your already-allocated budget, and it can improve your company’s budget and free up more time for other duties.

A risky 100-acre site could take a typical ground survey crew a month to document, but a mapping drone can do it in less than 30 minutes. Companies can securely accept and finish more contracts for more customers, on more locations, in less time, thanks to the enhanced speed and automation that drone mapping offers.

2. Accessibility and safety

Using a drone mapping solution enables autonomous flying and removes various hazards connected to land surveying, such as the use of heavy machinery and dangerous accidents. A drone can autonomously scan a site at the touch of a button, gather an accurate aerial picture of the site, return to its launch point, and upload its model and data to a secure cloud in a couple of minutes.

Plus, nobody is in danger of suffering a significant harm throughout this whole procedure. The use of drone-based photogrammetry to monitor coastal cliff erosion in Brittany to avoid possible loss of life and property is a fantastic illustration of this.

3. Reliability and accuracy

Drones provide thousands of precise data points, including georeferenced, elevation points, and colors, by combining many sensors from various angles. The surveyor or customer may then examine the project from a unique viewpoint after incorporating these data points into a 3D Point Cloud.

4. One Instrument

With the stroke of a button, land surveyors may now utilize drones that can fly themselves instead of theodolites, infrared reflectors, and GPS. These drones can do the same tasks as the aforementioned items without the strain and heavy lifting. The surveyors would therefore be able to be safer, spend less time on each site visit, and save or re-budget money as a result.


The way we conduct surveys and gather data has been transformed by drone survey Ireland. Surveyors and clients may receive a more accurate and exact perspective of a project site with the capacity to conduct autonomous flights and the avoidance of safety issues.

Companies may save time and money thanks to the speed and effectiveness of drone mapping, which also offers 3D Point Clouds that provide a singular viewpoint. Drone technology is expected to have a substantial future growth in Ireland’s surveying sector as it continues to develop and expand.

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