What are the Types of Caterers and How a Bad Caterer Look Like

The catering industry is comprised of business that provides food, beverages, and other services to a variety of clients, especially for office meetings and special events. Catering services organize the preparation of the food, delivery, and supply the food for the clients. Additional responsibilities of the catering company include place rentals, setting and cleaning up the decorations, tables, chairs, lighting, etc.

Types of Catering:

When you are hiring a catering service, it is important to know about the type of the caterer. The following are the different types of catering services which are available nowadays.

Wedding Catering:

Wedding catering is more familiar and creates a huge impact on your special day. They plan everything for the wedding and execute it. All you want to do is to hire the best wedding caterer and discuss with them the food and drinks.

Corporate Catering:

From a small business meeting with your colleagues to a client meeting, corporate catering services play a major role in delivering the food. Corporate catering services provide great quality foods for your meetings, and it helps you to save time. When hiring a corporate catering service, allows you to carry on with your work with clients. Breakfast catering, lunch catering, and buffets are popular services by the corporate catering company.

Social Event Catering:

This type of catering company provides a wide variety of foods for birthday parties and for various events. They will plan clearly for your event and organize everything including the food and drinks, according to your need.

Full-Service Catering:

The private full-service catering companies are independently owned and operated businesses. These types of caterers are hired for any business meetings, personal anniversaries, birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc. They are also responsible for all aspects of the event planning, which includes designing the menu, preparation of food, and all kinds of event preparation.

How Does a Bad Catering Company Look Like?

When you are hiring a caterer for yourself, it is important to be aware of what a bad catering company looks like. Also, it’s a good thing to check their online reviews and get referrals from past clients before hiring them.

A bad catering company will show its true color during the preparation process of the food. Before hiring the best catering company, make sure they will answer your several questions like will they be responsive always, are transparent with the order forms and billings, will the foods are prepared and delivered on time, etc.


Being punctual is a major key quality of the catering company for preparing and delivering the foods and beverages on time. Hiring the best caterer will help in saving your time and money.

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