What are the Major Threats Which Affect Global Health

Global health issues are about the concern for public health throughout the entire world. This can be entailed by reviewing certain aspects like the impact of poverty and lack of access to quality health care. In the previous year, an unknown virus started racing all over the world and killed millions of people. Health services from all over the world are still struggling to tackle this deadly disease and provide adequate help to the people with proper care. Many countries and organizations start working together by conducting several health summits likeĀ dhealthsummit. These health summits help the countries to strengthen their preparedness for the pandemic situation and any other emergencies.

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Major Threats Which Affect Global Health:

The following are the major threats that affect the overall global health. These health challenges will be faced by the world over the next years, which highlights various range of issues.

Climate Crisis:

The Climate crisis is the major global health issue that we are facing nowadays. Air pollution kills an estimated amount of seven million people each year. More than 25% of people’s deaths are from chronic respiratory disease, heart attack, stroke, and lung cancer. Climate change also worsens the environment and helps in promoting several infectious diseases.

Health Care Equity:

World health organization stated that there is an 18-year difference in the life expectancy of the people in low-income countries when compared to the high-income countries. This is because of the inadequate health care for the people in low-income countries. Also, these countries will face a large burden of diabetes, cancer, or any other noncommunicable diseases easily. To avoid this, proper health care equity must be improved all over the world. Improving child and maternal care, gender equality, nutrition, mental health, access to enough water, and sanitation, provides guidelines to the countries and helps in improving health care equity.

Disease Prevention:

According to WHO, infectious diseases like hepatitis, Ebola, HIV, and Covid-19 are killing millions of people from all around the world. These infectious diseases can be spread easily across borders because of the poor health care systems in the various countries. To prevent this, increased funding for essential health services, strengthening routine immunization, and improving the public health care systems are essential ways.

Adolescent Safety:

Each year, there are one million adolescents aged from 10 to 19 died from road injuries, HIV, suicide, lower respiratory infections, and also from interpersonal violence. Also, this includes harmful alcohol and drug usage, unprotected sex, and lack of physical activity increases the risk of adolescent death. Improving the mental health of the adolescents by conducting various meetings and events, will make them aware.


A lack of water and other basic resources for the people will result in poor quality health care and increases the chances of spreading various infectious diseases. From the above, you can get a piece of knowledge about the major threats which affect global health.

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