What are the Best Process Improvement Methodologies

Every business has a set of standard practices and processes in order to help complete its objectives effectively and efficiently. However, some business processes often lose their relevance over time and result in project delays and increased costs. For this, you need to seek help from the business process improvement consultancy.

There is a wide range of continuous improvement methodologies available, and it is difficult for managers to know which one is suitable for their business. A professional business process consultancy like Linea will help in choosing the method which is more suitable for your business and that will be more effective in delivering long-term success, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. The following are some of the popular continuous improvement methodologies you should follow to improve your business.

Six Sigma Tools:

Six sigma is a simple and smarter way to manage your business. It is about collecting data on processes in order to understand what is happening. The collected data is then analyzed and interpreted to find effective ways to improve the process. It mainly aims to minimize errors and maximize the value across industries by leveraging data and statistics. By doing this method you can get increased customer satisfaction, reduce the cycle time, and reduces the defects.

Within this methodology, the process consultant uses two techniques DMAIC and DMADV in order to achieve the desired results. Linea offers wide range of support for your business including lean six sigma certified development programmes.

Agile Methodology:

This type of methodology comprises team feedback, highlighting the problems and successes in order to make further enhancements. An agile methodology helps in improving communication and collaboration among the stakeholders and makes it easier to adapt to change.

Lean Manufacturing:

It mainly aims at reducing costs by eliminating waste. As per its name, this type of methodology is suitable for the manufacturing industry and its core principle can be applied to other sectors. To use this methodology, the process improvement team needs to map the value stream in order to understand the perception of the buyer, which allows the teams to eliminate the waste and redundancy from successful business processes.

Total Quality Management:

Total quality management aims in improving customer satisfaction by getting the entire company on board with continuous process improvement. This type of improvement methodology empowers the employees by fostering a changing culture, where they are not afraid to experiment and have a shared business goal.

Theory of Constraints:

This methodology is a highly focused technique, which is used for creating rapid improvement. It mainly identifies any process bottlenecks and helps in improving that bottleneck or constraint until it gets eliminated.


Choosing the best continuous improvement model for your business involves evaluating the different types of methodologies during the planning process and selecting the one, which delivers great benefits to your business. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the best process improvement methodologies to improve your business.

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