What are Postcards Used for

Postcards are pieces of marketing material used to introduce new products and services on the market, announce sales or special offers, invite people to trade shows, drive traffic to websites, and other marketing ideas in business. Postcards can be made out of paper and plastic. Plastic postcards offer the same benefits as typical paper postcards, although they are hard to ignore because of their increased durability and glossy professional look. These plastic postcards can be designed with pop-out cards embedded within added Calls to Action or enticement to potential customers to visit or contact a specified business and take advantage of the given discount offers.

How are postcards sent out to the masses?

Postcards are a cost-effective way to send immediate messages to the masses. Postcards can be sent out to the masses through direct mail and e-mail.

Recommended postcards size by the USPS

To qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, postcards should be rectangular, they should be at least 3.5 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inches thick, and they shouldn’t be larger than .016”x 11-1/2”x 1/4” thick. Postcard sizes larger than this are liable to paying larger envelope postage prices.

What are the actual postage rates for postcards?

When mailing laminated postcards, postage is contingent upon the geographic concentration of the postcard receivers and the volume of actual postcards mailed. For instance, 16000 postcards mailed to a densely populated urban area will pay a much-subsidized rate than 660 postcards mailed to a list of receivers in sparsely populated rural areas.

What to follow when mailing large postcards to receivers?

If individuals or corporations intend to mail larger postcards, they will minimize operating costs by sending these postcards as standard (bulk) letters. Note that this doesn’t eliminate the fact that it’s cheaper to send postcards, which meet the specified size requirements as dictated by the USPS and which are sent as first-class mail postcards.

Choosing the right post office to mail postcards

Whereas postcards are usually printed and sold by private companies, individuals, or organizations, postcards are issued by the relevant postal authority, namely, the Post Office. Before choosing the ideal Post Office, one should first cross-check all the available Post Offices and study how they operate and then only choose one whose terms and conditions are favorable for mailing certain postcards.

Is it necessary to include a return address on postcards?

It’s not mandatory to include a return address on a postcard. Here is the thing. If one doesn’t use First Class Mail services and the chosen Post Office fails to deliver the postcards to their intended recipients, the Post Office won’t ably return the plastic postcards to the sender without a mentioned return address.

Why are plastic postcard mailers the best for business?

Businesses use plastic postcard mailers to ease their direct mail marketing services because of the following reasons;

·Improved response rate. Plastic postcard mailers are known by most businesses to improve the response rate from their target audience.

·High durability. Plastic postcard mailers are made of high-quality plastics, which provide a thick layer of protection over them.

·Cost and time-saving. It takes less time and money to send out many plastic postcard mailers through the Post Office.

·Enable business branding. Plastic postcard mailers can be designed to include a business logo, mission statement, and trade name for easy differentiation.

·Enable business integrated marketing. Businesses that want to run several marketing campaigns at a go can use plastic postcard mailers during campaigns.

·Great for attention-grabbing. Full-color digital printing on the front and back of plastic postcard mailers can easily capture the attention of prospects.

Why brands choose laminated postcards

The lamination on postcards gives the postcards a polished look and feel. These laminated postcards come in different kinds and are typically water and tear-resistant. When laminating, postcard designers can choose to laminate one or both sides of the postcards. The following are reasons why brands choose laminated postcards;

·Laminated postcards are usually more interactive and powerful than other mailers. The laminated postcards are usually designed in bright, shiny, and special colors and materials. All the designs can have a direct impact on potential clients.

·The customer feels important when given laminated postcards. Sending beautifully designed laminated postcards to clients can make them feel treasured and internalize the message on the postcards.

·The lamination adds protection against fingerprints and smudges, tears and wrinkles, grease, moisture, oil, and dirt. This contributes to more durability.

·The lamination on laminated postcards is entirely transparent and doesn’t impair or blemish the printed material.

·Laminated postcards are protected from frequent handling. This helps them withstand the physical stress of being put in and taken out of their pockets.

Printed materials such as postcards are liable to damage from wear and tear. Environmental conditions and frequent handling are among the factors, which can inflict damage on printed materials such as postcards. Brands use laminated postcards to save money and attract buyers’ attention.

Marketing products and services using postcards

Brands can use audience data from their digital channels to send plastic postcard mailers, which are relevant to their clients. Postcard marketing is more effective than several digital marketing channels in each business category, and it contributes to a higher ROI in business.

People are more likely to read a postcard than open an email

People are more likely to view a postcard mailer as compared to an unsolicited email. Not only is all direct mail received, but more than three-quarters of it is intentionally read by the recipients. This gives direct mail postcards a higher chance of being read as compared to emails.

The results of postcard marketing campaigns are so trackable

Using direct mail marketing data helps brands to collect insightful data, which is vital for making effective business decisions and measuring campaign success. Tracking customer data is possible with postcard marketing with the aid of personalized URLs, Custom Phone Numbers, Coupon codes, and QR codes.

Postcards can be easily personalized for specific audiences

Today, there are on-demand printing services, which enable fast, easy, and affordable personalized services. The printed content can be as dynamic as email or landing page content. Customer contact data and other personal details can be incorporated into print on postcards to promote goods and services.

Postcard marketing continues to dominate the world of marketing

Today, laminated postcards perform great because of their compact size and attractive designs. All this makes people want to receive them in their direct mail. Postcards don’t necessitate envelopes to be sent to recipients and hence have high open rates, which contribute to higher conversions.

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