WaterHog Mats – A Versatile Solution for Any Entryway

WaterHog Mats offer an effective and versatile solution to the challenging spaces you face when decorating an entryway or entrance way. Boasting unique bi-level construction, these floor mats from Ultimate Mats can capture dirt and moisture below foot level for quick cleanup and superior floor protection – plus there are various colors and sizes to find just the right match for your space!

1. Optimize a Small Entryway by Adding Storage

If your entryway is small and tight on space, adding some form of storage might help your organization efforts. Whether that be for keys and essentials like dog leashes and beach bags; tall shelving units won’t take up too much floor space while their distinctive cubbies will enable everyone in your family to easily locate what they need quickly.

2. Add a Mirror to Define the Drop-Zone

An entryway with narrow walls makes an excellent place for a mirror, offering both visual interest and light reflection, making the space appear larger.

3. Add a Coat Rack to Your Entryway

A coat rack can add an authentic rustic charm to your entryway while simultaneously helping keep everything neatly organized in your closet. Not only can it hold and store coats but it’s a practical storage solution too!

4. Mount DIY Semi-Circular Shelves to a Wall

A wall shelf is an easy and cost-effective way to turn any empty space into useful storage space, from peg hooks for hanging items to catchall dishes for collecting keys, sunglasses, and other easily misplaced objects.

5. Bring Comfort into Your Entryway

For homes with hardwood floors, an extra-soft rug like Crate & Barrel’s WellnessMats Antique Light Linen will offer cushioning underfoot and support while walking. Boasting rubber backing that won’t slide on slippery floors and being long-lasting enough for use throughout years to come – Crate & Barrel WellnessMats Antique Light Linen can provide just this kind of cushioned comfort for years!

6. Place a Table Near the Entryway

To create an intimate, inviting space in your entryway, consider installing a slim console table as the focal point. A console table provides ample surface area for displaying decorative pieces and an engaging message board, providing the ideal place for cozy conversational exchanges and peaceful reflection.

7. Manage Your Lighting

A bright entryway creates an inviting and spacious atmosphere; therefore it is essential that there is sufficient lighting available for everyday use. A flushmount ceiling piece combined with two wall sconces are an effective combination for lighting your space.

8. An Over-Sized Mirror Adds Charm and Reflects Light

Add some flair and color to your entryway by including an over-sized mirror as part of its decor. The reflective surface will make the space seem larger while reflecting light for enhanced natural illumination.

9. Select a Heavy-Duty Door Mat for Your Entryway

In high traffic areas, selecting an heavy-duty door mat that can withstand frequent foot traffic is key. Waterhog premier door mats feature crushproof polypropylene material and raised nubs which channel dirt and moisture away from the surface for efficient cleaning capabilities.

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