Understanding Magic Spores of Mushroom

Psilocybe cubensis, popularly known as magic mushrooms, is a species of fungus that is considered to be “psychedelic.” This species includes the chemicals psilocybin and psilocin. These chemicals are psychotropic and have been linked to feelings of euphoria. Even though the chemicals in these mushrooms provide a mind-melting sensation, they really improve brain connections.

These mushrooms are reddish brown to golden brown in hue, and when crushed, they become purple. Their tightly spaced gills are made up of purple spores. They germinate after they have found a suitable substrate and are also known as magic mushroom spores. Cubensis grows particularly well on dung, thus they do very well on horse and cow manure. They grow nicely on coconut coir, straw, and entire grains as well.

Is it lawful to use them?

Magic mushroom spores are not simply Psilocybe cubensis spores; there are several more species in this category as well. Here are several examples:

Cyaneolus cyanesens

Psilocybe cyanesens (Psilocybe cyanesens)

Mexican Psilocybe

Subcubensis Psilocybe

Semilanceata Psilocybe

All hallucinogenic mushroom spores are legal to own in the United States and numerous other nations. There are no chemical components in these spores that are designated as a ‘restricted drug.’ However, if they are placed in the proper circumstances, they will develop and generate mycelium, which might be utilized for unlawful purposes. As a result, vendors exclusively sell mushroom spores for microscopic usage.

How can spores be used in microscopy?

Almost all educational institutions need the spores of the magic mushroom in order to identify mushrooms encountered in the wild. They are also handy for doing laboratory research. This species is intriguing to mycology students since it displays a variety of phenotypes.

Innoculation using a spore syringe

The spore syringe may also be used for substrate inoculation. To colonize one liter of substrate, use the spore syringe to deposit 3 mm of spore solution. It is sufficient to drop a few millimeters into each corner of the substrate. After a few days, white patches of mycelium may be seen in the areas where the spores were released. One must wait until the whole substrate has been colonized. Once discovered, the mushrooms may be gathered. Their spores may also be collected and stored for further use.

The F+ Spore Syringe is an excellent spore syringe for inoculating mushroom cultures with spores. It is designed to provide both convenience and accuracy in spore distribution.

Spore syringe storage

Magic mushroom spore syringes should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. If there is any spore solution left in the syringe after usage, the luer lock may be reattached and the syringe can be used again within twelve months.

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