Top 10 Truck Driver Job Search Tips

Whether you’re just out of driving school or have decades of truck driving experience, the job hunt might be scary. You have no idea who you’ll be competing against, how competitive a job is, or how long it will take you to locate one. Don’t put off your truck job hunt any longer. Use these ten techniques to uncover truck driving employment prospects and advance your career.

Investigate General Job Opening Websites

There’s a reason why huge job search websites like Monster and Career Builder are so popular. They are as well-known among employers as they are among job seekers. If you begin your search at a generic job search site, you may come across a wide range of trucking jobs in your region.

Use only trucking-related job sites

No matter how good general job search websites are, do not rely only on them. Trucking-only employment boards should play an important role in your truck driving career hunt. Because these websites are dedicated to your business, they probe a little further into opportunities and identify ones those general websites sometimes ignore. Some firms may limit their candidates to experienced members of the driving community by restricting them to trucking-only sites. Check Service One Transportation Company, if you need truck related jobs. These websites also make it easy to search for jobs based on license classes, endorsements, and haul kinds.

Make Use of Your Connections

In every sector, making relationships is essential. Depending on your level of experience, you may have relationships among other truck drivers, trucking school teachers, and firm owners. If you have a good working relationship with them, let them know you are looking for a new job. A solid connection might be the key to a speedy and successful trucking job search.

Examine Entry-Level Positions at Your Ideal Company

The majority of truckers have a long-term aim. Why not start now if you know you want to work your way up to a profitable job at a certain company? Some of the largest brands in trucking demand some experience, but you may still be able to get entry-level truck driving positions. Even if you have to start at a lower pay bracket or in a different sort of trucking, it may be worthwhile if it means getting closer to your dream trucking career.

Visit Trucking Forums

Trucker’s converse. You should be paying attention. Participate in truck driving forums, which often draw drivers from all across the nation and in a variety of roles. If you become friends with other regular posters, you could learn about new trucking prospects or new firms.

Examine the bulletin boards at truck stops

Bulletin boards are an old and dependable way to identify firms who require truck drivers. During your trucker job hunt, visit truck stops in your neighborhood. Local businesses, especially smaller businesses, may avoid internet posts completely. Checking bulletin boards might help you locate employment vacancies that you would otherwise overlook.

Look into your state’s trucking association.

Are you already a member of your state’s trucking association? Why not, if not? They often have extensive employment boards with fresh jobs in your state. Begin utilizing your membership or join now to search for firms looking for truck drivers.

Obtain a New License Endorsement

While you’re applying for employment and following the other steps on this list, acquire a new endorsement on your license. It’s usually a rather short procedure, particularly if you’re already an experienced driver. If you keep coming across job advertisements that aren’t open to you, find out what endorsements they’re searching for and then research what it takes to earn an endorsement on your license.

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