Tiffany Haddish: The Unofficial Queen of Podcasts

Tiffany Haddish doesn’t have her own podcast, and it’s hard to see how she’d find the time with all of her appearances on other people’s.

The comedian and actress have become one of the most in-demand guests in the industry due to her ability to fill airtime with unedited, off-the-cuff comments as hosts sit back and chuckle.

The Afterparty star has been on more than a dozen shows in the last year, including four Ambies nominees. Nicole Byer, host of Why Won’t You Date Me? adds, “She’s just hilarious.” “Her voice is delightful to listen to. She has a contagious personality.” Haddish appears on the programs of her erstwhile comedy-circuit pals Chinedu Unaka and Candice Thompson of Nosy Neighbors on a regular basis.

They comment through email, “You can never claim you were bored listening to her.”
“She never fails to deliver.”

Haddish’s most memorable podcast appearance this year was on A Slight Change of Plans, hosted by cognitive scientist Maya Shankar, rather than on a comedy program.

“Tiffany was eerily present in our chat,” Shankar says, “forcing herself to confront unpleasant past memories.”

Haddish detailed how, when she was eight years old, her mother had a brain injury that transformed her from a loving mom to a vicious tormentor; Haddish then cycled through the foster care system and was briefly homeless.

“If I hadn’t gone through all the trauma that I’ve been through, I wouldn’t be funny at all,” she says Shankar.