Is Your Cane Corso Picky About His Food?

The personalities of cane corsos are highly different. Some people eat everything they can get their hands on, while others have more discriminating (or, dare we say, “refined””) palates and get weary of their regular dog chow fast. What can you do if your cane corso chooses to stop eating or loses interest in their food?

The Dangers of Too Many Food Toppers for Your Cane Corso and the Dog Food Topper Craze

The pet food and treat market has seen a huge increase in the popularity of meal toppers recently, although the idea is not entirely new. Many dog owners have been filling their dog’s meal dish with leftovers from humans for hundreds of years.

While this often works, it also exposes your dog to salt that is unneeded and other elements that a dog’s body was not meant to digest.

What can you do to make sure the tasty ingredients you add to your cane corso’s daily diet are as nutritious as possible?

Dog food toppers provide hundreds of results when searched on Google. One well-known name brand food topping has an astounding 87% water content. Not really anything that is worth paying for.

As more dog owners become aware of what their dog consumes, the current trend toward fewer ingredients in dog treats and food is encouraging.

The majority of dog foods have an excessively high carbohydrate content. Why? Because all those grains are inexpensive and work well as fillers, they reduce the cost without sacrificing nutrients.

Cane Corso’s Really Wants Food Topper

The ancestors of dogs were built to consume real meat in the wild, but it isn’t cheap. And not cooked meat, but meat that is rich in nutrients. Many people find it disgusting and dangerous to consider giving their pets raw meat. However, a dog’s tiny digestive tract is quite different from a human’s and can easily consume raw meat.

What am I able to feed my finicky cane corso puppy?

Cane corso puppy may quickly become bored eating the same thing every day. Some dog owners sometimes want to add chicken, eggs, or ground beef to their dogs’ meals. Your cane corso’s meal will undoubtedly taste better as a result, but they can end up picking out the best parts. With freeze-dried dog food toppers, many cane corso owners have seen remarkable results. Since the meat is a powder, it covers the kibble in your current dog food and enhances the flavor. Your dog won’t even recognize the meal as the same!

How can I encourage my cane corso to eat?

It’s typical for your cane corso to become bored with their regular diet. Imagine what you would eat if you did so every day! Adding a freeze-dried meat dog food topper to your cane corso’s regular diet is one way to increase their appetite. The topper will cover their current meal and improve the taste if it is produced in powder form. As with any food change, be cautious to gradually introduce the topping. You may also want to use a probiotic to support your dog’s digestive system and lessen the likelihood of diarrhea.

Do cane corsos have particular eating habits?

Many cane corsos, in our experience, can be picky eaters. Who would want to eat the same meal every day, though? You can’t really blame them. Many cane corso owners have found success by varying the freeze-dried meat toppings they use on their dogs’ meals. Your cane corso can’t simply pick off the best parts since the meat has been powderized. Regular meal for your cane corso gains flavor from the topping.