How to Start a Jewelry Business in Indonesia

As long as a foreign investor abides by local laws, starting a company in Indonesia is not difficult. When starting a firm in Indonesia’s jewelry sector, a foreign entrepreneur must adhere to both general legislations enforced by the Investment Coordinating Board and industry-specific regulations.

When it comes to the extraction of precious metals from the specified zones all across the nation, Indonesia is a very wealthy country.

More details on how to start a jewelry business in Indonesia are available from our Indonesia company incorporation agents. If you want to go to Indonesia to run your company, we can also assist you.

How to establish a jewelry business in Indonesia

Incorporating the business with the Firm Register in the city where the business will operate is the first step in starting a jewelry business in Indonesia.

Once the Indonesian jewelry company is registered, it must submit an application for one of the mining law permits.

Indonesia is one of the top producers of gold in the world, therefore starting a jewelry company here offers the benefit of being able to create and market products made of precious metals at extremely competitive prices. Although it is not necessary for the company owner(s) to immigrate to Indonesia, it is achievable with the correct kind of residence permission.

Foreign investors might get assistance from our Indonesian company formation specialists as they register a firm to sell jewels.

Indonesian jewelry industry licenses

In Indonesia, a jewelry business may get a variety of licenses. According to regional law, they are:

A permit for a mining operation that allows a firm to mine for precious metals in a certain region or area;

If the corporation intends to provide services other than mining, a mining services business license;

A production operation permit if the business plans to move and market precious metals;

A license for a manufacturing operation if the business plans to handle precious metals;

If the precious metals or diamonds are sold domestically or abroad, a trade license is required.

Opening a jewelry business does not always mean selling just precious metals; under less restrictive conditions, businesses may offer hand-made or non-precious metal gems on the Indonesian market.

If you are interested in Indonesia company registration, then there are a few things that you need to know before you start. It is important to know the type of company that you want to open, as it will dictate the process and paperwork involved in setting up your company.  Kindly contact us for more details.

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