How to Prevent Yourself from Cyberstalkers?

When you have carried out any sensible and secure communication through social networks and other social platforms can be beneficial both socially and professionally. But if you are not careful while communicating, it results in getting undesirable consequences which lead to cyberstalking. Cyberstalking is stalking or harassment that can be carried out over the internet. It may target any individual, group, or even any organization and can take different forms including slander, defamation, and threats.

For example, if you have received negative comments or messages on any social media platform, you may get upset and annoyed. If you start receiving unwanted and annoying messages repeatedly and feel harassed, then it is called cyberstalking. Cyberstalking doesn’t have to involve direct communication and some victims may not even realize they are getting stalked online. If you want to avoid such texts and messages, you can start using privenote message services like Pirvnota. By sending a message using Pirvnota, your messages are fully encrypted, and the reader can be able to read only once and view the message only when they have a link.

Cyberstalking is not always conducted by individuals, and it may involve a group of people. Their main aim is to target the individual, group, or any organization for several reasons that include opposing beliefs, revenue, or any financial gain.

Ways to Prevent Cyberstalking:

The following are some of the effective ways to prevent cyberstalking. These guidelines will help you to enjoy all benefits of the online communication with enhanced safety.

Maintain a Low Profile:

Keeping a subdued online existence is tough for some people, especially for those who want to use online platforms for self-promotion or any business-related activities. You should not post n personal details such as address and phone number. If you want to share those you can consider using encrypted messaging services like privenote in order to secure your details personally. Avoid using your real name in your online profiles, while it is difficult for anyone who is on social media to work-related. But it is quite feasible for the platforms like forums, message boards, or in any other social media accounts.

Update Your Software:

Keeping your software and apps up to date helps in preventing attacks from cyberstalkers. Nowadays, many updates are developed with patch security features that help to keep your information remains safe. So, it is essential to keep your software up to date in order to protect yourself from hackers to prevent cyberstalking.


Maintaining perfect digital hygiene in online helps in protecting you from cyber harassment, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking. From the above, you can easily gain more understanding about cyberstalking and effective ways to prevent them.

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