How to Give Agility Training for Dogs at Home

Agility training can be fun, especially with dogs. It can be exciting and challenging for the dogs. But can you do the training at home? You might have seen competitions where the dogs would do all sorts of activities like obstacle jumping. You can train them at home with agility and make them more active. So, here are some top tips to train agility for your dog at home without any difficulty.

Agility training is not very strict or tedious like behavior training. You can easily do it for fun and play with your dog while training it. Here are the basic things you must understand while training agility for dogs at home.

Make your dog feel successful

You have to understand that agility cannot be done overnight, and your dog doesn’t know how to do the training. So, instead of forcing everything on the dog straight away, try to start in small steps and make sure that you can achieve it for sure. You can reward the dog to make it feel the success. So, it is a must to start small and gradually increase the difficulty of the tasks.

Try to improve your dog’s attention

Dogs don’t know what to do and how to move around among the obstacles. So, you must be patient and try to improve his focus and attention. You must not keep on commanding the dog to do this and that. Rather you should move and play along with the dog to make him understand the task. Also, you must use some commands to increase attention and focus.

Improve Coordination with tricks

You can teach your dog tricks and reward him appropriately to bring more coordination. For example, you can try to move your hand in a specific way and make your dog do that. Then gradually you can ask him to do the targeted task and reward him to train it. Similarly, you can do such tricks and train your do to perform difficult tasks.

Improve your handling

Prior to everything, you must know how to handle your dog in the most effective way. You should try to make changes to your training strategy and methodology. You have to improve your commanding skills and play along with the dog to make them feel more amicable. While it is not necessary to be strict like behavior training, you have to make a few changes that will improve the agility skills of the dog.


The best way to train your dog is to spend more time and learn your dog’s likes and dislikes. The more you start to care for her, the more you can get to know the dog intimately.

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