How to Create Acrylic Keychains

There’s never been a better time to learn how to use the Cricut to produce keychains since it’s such a simple project. There are even specific kits available for manufacturing them in large quantities since this activity is so popular. Because they meet the above criteria, acrylic keychains are a simple Cricut craft to create and market.

  • It employs affordable blanks and basic materials that are packaged in bulk packages and include everything you need.
  • Additionally, it just requires a modest number of materials you can even build them from your leftovers!
  • They may be completed quickly and in mass.
  • Because it just requires a little number of supplies, you can get away with producing more items more quickly, cutting more than one on a single mat, etc.
  • Given that individuals like giving customized keychains for many occasions, they are a highly popular present.
  • Combining all of the aforementioned elements enables you to sell it for a fair price with a decent markup.

When learning how to produce keychains with a Cricut, make use of leftovers! I like creations made out of leftovers! Creating them as a bespoke project for a client limits your options, but making them as presents for your friends and family allows you to use up those Smart Vinyl or even standard vinyl edges.

A customized present is unparalleled; it’s one of the biggest benefits of crafting something on your own. These are really simple to customize with a name, an initial, a monogram, or even a business logo!

It may also be made on any Cricut smart cutting device, even the Joy, since it is a little craft. So why are we still waiting? Let’s get creative and discover how to use cutting machines from Cricut to create keychains!

What you’ll need to use your Cricut to create acrylic keychains

  • A background and top color for permanent vinyl
  • To protect it, clear vinyl is optional.
  • Blank keychains and hardware, or get a set that includes tassels.
  • Awl
  • Pliers
  • Cricut cutting apparatus
  • Typical Grip mat
  • Moving tape
  • standard toolbox

Instructions for making keychains with the Cricut

Tips to follow before you begin making acrylic keychains

  • Always clean your acrylic round with alcohol to ensure better vinyl adhesion.
  • Cut out a circle of clear vinyl and set it on top of the pattern if you are concerned about the vinyl lifting or scratching.
  • To avoid scratching the surface of your acrylic item, always be extremely delicate while removing the coating.
  • Keep your hands off the surface as much as you can since it does collect up fingerprints. If fingerprints do appear, just clean the keychain with alcohol after use.

Getting Ready for Your Designs in Design Space

1. Launch a brand-new project in design space. Click upload on the new project screen.

2. After uploading your SVG file, proceed as instructed to include it in your projects. You’ll see that every design has its own layer.

3. Turn off any layers you don’t want to add. To suit your needs, alter your color options. To fit your blanks, resize your layers. When finished, press “create it” and save your work (always save!). You may choose premium vinyl, default pressure, and fine point blade in the options area.

Making keychains using a Cricut and putting them together

Step 1: Your acrylic blank’s two sides should both be free of the film.

Step 2: On your Cricut, cut out your design and the background piece, then weed. Apply your transfer tape and trim it as closely as you can to the pattern.

Step 3: Line it up to your acrylic piece as precisely as you can and apply. If necessary, attach your blank to your surface using removable tape so that you may apply the vinyl while holding it in place. After firmly adhering it to your blank with a scraper or squeegee, slowly peel back the transfer tape.

Step 4: Put the backing piece in place (the white circle) Now, it ought to resemble this

Step 5: Push the vinyl through the top hole with your awl. The vinyl should be flush after a little twist, and you now have the ideal hole for your keychain accessory.

Step 6: Attach your jump ring through the hole you just created using your pliers. the tassel should be hung on the front.

Finalizing Actions

Use alcohol to clean the keychain and remove any dust or fingerprints. If you’re using transparent vinyl, apply it. For a fantastic gift presentation or a finished item that can be sold, attach your keychain to a keychain display card.

How to build an acrylic keychain with shaker

You may embellish an acrylic keychain to use as a shaker keychain in a few different ways:

  • On the keychain, make drawings or write using paint or markers. To decorate the keychain, you may use standard acrylic paint or permanent markers to draw patterns, phrases, or motifs. Just be sure to properly dry the paint or markers before using the keychain.
  • Add decals or stickers. An acrylic keychain’s surface may be decorated with a huge selection of stickers or decals. These may be used to give the keychain more color or style.
  • Utilize vinyl heat transfer. A Cricut or other cutting device may be used to cut shapes or patterns from a particular kind of vinyl called heat transfer vinyl. Then, using pressure and heat, it may be transferred to the keychain’s surface.
  • Put trinkets or tiny objects into the keychain. If you want to exhibit little objects on your keychain, such as beads, charms, or shells, you may embed them within the acrylic by filling the keychain with resin or similar transparent, drying glue.
  • Always use care while embellishing an acrylic keychain since the material can easily scratched or harmed if handled violently.


In conclusion, acrylic keychains are a well-liked and useful solution to keep your keys accessible and organized. They are portable, strong, and simple to personalize using a number of ornamental methods. There are various ways to customize your acrylic keychain to match your style and preferences, whether you choose to paint, add stickers, apply heat transfer vinyl, or insert little objects.

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