How Can I Protect My Floor Tiles

Tiles are a popular flooring choice in homes due to their water-resistant qualities. While tiles might be perfect for areas that must have wet areas like bathrooms and utility rooms, it’s important to remember that even with proper care there may be times when replacement of your tiles may be necessary due to damage.

Fortunately, you don’t need to replace your floors if you follow these simple steps:

1. Respond Promptively To Spills And Messes.

You should always clean up spills and messes as soon as possible, in order to avoid them seeping into your tile and doing extensive damage. It’s also wise to be proactive with maintenance tasks like sealing grout lines every few years; this will prevent water from seeping into weak tile grout areas which could lead to future issues.

2. Avoid Dragging Heavy Furniture Across Your Tile Floors

If your floors are tiled, be sure to place furniture pads or floor mats from Ultimate Mats underneath all legs that touch the tiles. Doing this can help avoid scratches, especially in high traffic areas.

3. Opt for Quality Tiles

Quality tiles are the best way to maintain your floor’s aesthetic. Compared to cheaper brands, higher-grade goods are more durable and can withstand regular usage better.

4. Prevent dirt and debris accumulation

To keep your tile surfaces free from dirt and grime, regularly sweep and mop them clean. This is the simplest and most efficient way to keep them free from abrasives.

5. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals on Your Tiles

To maintain the beauty of natural stone tiles, it is best to refrain from using harsh cleaners on them. Instead, opt for cleaners specifically made for this material.

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6. Seal Tiles and Grout Lines Annually

Whether installing ceramic or porcelain tiles, make sure they’re properly sealed. Doing this prevents dirt from collecting in the grout lines, making future floor cleaning much simpler.

7. Select the Correct Tile for Your Space

When selecting floor tiles, it is essential that they can withstand the amount of weight placed upon them by items placed atop. That means selecting a product with at least 250 psi breaking strength.

8. Eliminate Stains and Dirt

If there has been spilled a beverage or dish, make sure to wipe it up promptly. Let it sit for too long, however, and the moisture from the spill could seep into your tiles and subfloor, leading to significant damage.

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9. Repair Any Damage If Needed

It is imperative to repair any water damage in your home, particularly if you can’t identify where the source of the leak. Contacting an emergency plumber or restoration professional will allow them to scan your floor and detect the source of the issue without having to replace any flooring material. This will enable them to identify and address the problem without needing access to your possessions.