Facts to Know About Asbestos and Its Removal

If you discover that your home contains asbestos, it is essential that you have the asbestos removed right away. You, your family, and your pets are seriously endangered by asbestos.

The meaning of Asbestos

Asbestos is made up of a group of minerals, which will help you understand what asbestos is. Long, thin fibrous crystals make up the minerals that make up asbestos. The asbestos is not all visible to the naked eye and is easily inhaled, which can result in serious illness. If asbestos has been inhaled, it will penetrate deeply into your lungs. Asbestos will eat away at the linings of your lungs, causing breathing problems and fatal cancer. It is not possible to treat asbestosis or mesothelioma if you have been diagnosed by a doctor.

Due to asbestos’ strength, durability, and assistance in making a home fireproof, it was once used in the construction of houses. In older homes, asbestos is present in the insulation, roofing, and tiles. Due to the harmful and irreversible health risks that asbestos can produce, it is prohibited from use in new homes.

Asbestos’ effects have become more obvious in recent years, and on December 31, 2003, new laws were passed outlawing the use, resale, sale, and distribution of any product containing asbestos.

Who is able to Remove Asbestos?

Due to the danger of asbestos, you must hire a fully licensed and certified company to remove it. You should pick a reputable company that can safely remove your roof and replace it with a roof made of modern, secure materials.

It is essential that the company you choose has all the necessary tools and training to remove asbestos. They must be certified, and in Germany the company needs a Work Cover license.

When working with a company to remove asbestos, make sure they have a good plan in place to manage the asbestos and to replace it with safer, more appropriate alternatives.

Top 5 suggestions for choosing a company to address your asbestos issue

  • To ensure that the asbestos from your prized home or business is removed with care, only hire companies with a track record of success.
  • Only work with companies that employ highly skilled craftspeople to maintain your roof.
  • Make sure the company you hire has a well-thought-out plan in place in case of an emergency to lessen or stop further damage to your home or place of business.
  • Seek out a company that examines each job on a case-by-case basis, asking questions to determine the fastest and riskiest way to remove your asbestos.
  • Ask a company about their qualifications and license information and only EVER use companies that are fully licensed and certified to remove asbestos.

After all, you’re entrusting them with the care of your life, the lives of your family, and your friends, so you need to make sure you’ll be content and healthy for years to come.

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